Tea What's Brewing in Your Mug? Tea
With all the mugs we sell, I thought Iíd give you a couple recipes and ideas to fill those mugs. 
Tea lovers

I love loose leaf tea.  I grew up with Lipton, which I still drink with my mom, but I prefer a nice dark Keemun tea from China.  The tea industry considers the tea in the tea bags to be the leftovers that fell off the conveyor belt.  Not the best quality.
I understand the convenience of using a tea bag, but once you have a favorite method of brewing, itís great to use loose leaf when at home.

I place 1 teaspoon of tea into the strainer and pour.  After the appropriate steeping time you lift the strainer out and drink your tea.  No loose bits. 

You could also use a French press to brew your tea.

Also the good old fashioned way is using a tea pot.  Put the tea leaves into the pot and pour boiling water into the pot.  Some teapots have a built in strainer and some require that you have a strainer over your teacup before pouring.   
There are so many types of teas out there.  All teas come from the same plant. The way they taste different is the process used after they are picked.  Some are steamed, some are fermented, someare dried right away.  Each tea grower has a different method which gives the tea its signature taste.  

Lavender Tea

Tea leaves are very sensitive to the oils and flavors around them.  If you take your favorite loose leaf tea and add about 1 tablespoon of dried lavender flowers to it and let it sit for a week your tea will take on the scent and flavor of the lavender flowers.  You can do this with any herb or spice.  Iím sure a lot of you have heard of Jasmine tea.  Itís the same process. 


Elderberry Cold Season Tea

When cold season hits or someone I see all the time gets a cold, I take 1 teaspoon of dried Elder Berries and add them to my morning loose leaf tea.  A little sweetness is needed because the berries are a little bitter, but you can sweeten to taste. 


The Elder Berries I purchased from
  Mountain Rose Herbs
This is My Morning cup of tea, the first cup I ever painted.
Ice Tea the Fast way A Glass of Ice Tea the quick way

My husband rarely drinks hot liquid.  So when I made a cup of ice tea the way my mom made it he was amazed.  My mom made this when I was a kid and she would send me to the pick the mint to put on the edge of the glass for the ice tea.  

To start brew your favorite tea in a Mug or heat proof container.  Sweeten to desired sweetness. 

A picture of a Glass of ice with a spoon in it and a hot cup of tea In a drinking glass place a spoon and fill the glass with ice. 

Pour the brewed tea over the ice trying to pour over the spoon.

The spoon dissipates the heat and makes it safe in the drinking glass and the ice instantly melts and cools the tea. 


A glass of ice tea with a spoon in it with an empty tea cup

This process can also make a pitcher of ice tea.  Start with a pot of tea and fill the pitcher with ice and a long spoon. 

I like many different teas as Ice tea.  Here are some examples:
Green tea and mint
Cherry tea with your favorite black tea
Lemon Balm and Black tea

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