Ice Tea the Fast Way
A Glass of Ice Tea the quick way

My husband rarely drinks hot liquid.  So when I made a cup of ice tea the way my mom made it he was amazed.  My mom made this when I was a kid and she would send me to the pick the mint to put on the edge of the glass for the ice tea.  

To start brew your favorite tea in a Mug or heat proof container.  Sweeten to desired sweetness. 

A picture of a Glass of ice with a spoon in it and a hot cup of tea In a drinking glass place a spoon and fill the glass with ice. 

Pour the brewed tea over the ice trying to pour over the spoon.

The spoon dissipates the heat and makes it safe in the drinking glass and the ice instantly melts and cools the tea. 


A glass of ice tea with a spoon in it with an empty tea cup

This process can also make a pitcher of ice tea.  Start with a pot of tea and fill the pitcher with ice and a long spoon. 

I like many different teas as Ice tea.  Here are some examples:
Green tea and mint
Cherry tea with your favorite black tea
Lemon Balm and Black tea

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