What's Brewing in Your Mug? 
Cold Season Drinks
With all the mugs we sell, I thought Id give you a couple recipes and ideas to fill those mugs. 
   Cold Season Hot Lemonade

I discovered in college how wonderful hot, sweet lemonade helped me get rid of a cold. 

1 Tablespoon or more of Lemon juice
1 Tablespoon Honey or to taste
1 8 oz cup hot water
Cayenne pepper   

I usually cover the bottom of my cup with the lemon juice and as much as I like a lot of honey (I have to watch my sugar intake).  I sometimes stick a tea bag of my favorite herbal tea in with a pinch of cayenne to help my sore throat and up my vitamin C which cayenne is packed with.  Then in goes the boiling water.  Let the tea bag steep and then remove it.  The lemon will clear the congestion and pull the mucus right out of the body.  Honey is antibacterial and coats the throat to sooth irritated skin.  You could even combine the elderberry tea above with the hot lemonade. 

Elderberry Cold Season Tea

When cold season hits or someone I see all the time gets a cold, I take 1 teaspoon of dried Elder Berries and add them to my morning loose leaf tea.  A little sweetness is needed because the berries are a little bitter, but you can sweeten to taste. 


The Elder Berries I purchased from
  Mountain Rose Herbs
This is My Morning cup of tea, the first cup I ever painted.
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