What's Brewing in Your Mug? 
Allergy Season Drinks
   Nettle Iced Tea
 Nettle Ice tea brewing in a ball jar
 A purple stripped crocus
Crocus is one of the first bulbs 
to come up in spring

Spring is here and so are the allergies.   My favorite remedy for allergies is Nettle tea.  Traditionally it is served hot or in place of anything you would put Parsley in.  I put it in all my cooking in the Summer.  My husband prefers cold drinks and has allergies all Spring and Summer.  So I came up with a Cold nettle tea that we keep in the refrigerator all Summer long. 

4 Teaspoons black tea (4 tea bags of your choice)

1 Tablespoon Lemon Balm and or Mint(2 tea bags)

1/4 Cup Nettle (4 tea bags or about 4 TBS)

2 Quarts of Hot water (8 Cups)

Sweeten to taste



Add a fruit tea for example: Raspberry, Cherry, or Peach.

Add a Mint tea

Add Green Tea or Green Tea and Mint  (a great combination)

Add unsweetened Kool-Aid for example: Lemon Ice, Black Cherry, or Raspberry etc.



Place all the ingredients into a 2 Quart glass container and pour the hot water over. 
Let steep 15  minutes and remove the tea bags or strain the contents.  Let cool. 

Drink cold.

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