Meet the Artist

Sharon Cyboron 
with her husband Glenn Leaman
Sharon Cyboron is a second generation local Artist, trained by her mother in oil painting, sketching, and photography. 
Sharon later trained in pottery and sculpture and attended the University of Connecticut, where she attained a Batchelor of Arts in English Literature with related work in Puppetry. 
After graduation she toured with the “Magic School Bus” puppet show performing all across the United States.  
She now runs, a company providing customized art work, including masks, sculpture, hand painted slates, hand painted glass and tiles, jewelry,   8 x10 prints and greeting cards.  
Her work can be found in stores around Connecticut or at


One of our Models "Oreo"

Oreo is a Norwegian Forest Cat and hates to get his picture taken.  He does however provide a great deal of inspiration to his humans.

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