Herb Class  Recipes.
We take herb safety very serious.  With all Herb Classes the Safety with Herbs will be read.  Here is a Printer Friendly version to have for your to refer back to. 
Safety with Herbs Page
With all the activities and gardening in the summer we have sore muscles.  What herbs would help relieve some of our aches and pains?  Is mint taking over your garden and you donít know what to do with it or what itís used for? Have you ever had swimmer ear and want to know what herbs would help?  Come join us for a two-hour workshop and learn more about herbs that can help.
Recipe Page for herb Class August 21st
How to Create a Tea Bag from a Coffee Filter
Sunburns and burns from a campfire are part of summer but do you know what is a first-degree burn and whatís a third degree burn?  How do you treat it and what herbs help them heal?  Are there herbs that can protect the skin in the sun?  
Recipe Page for Herb Sunburns and Sunscreen
A Great Video for Identifying Witch Hazel
This video claims that shea butter blocks UV but there is no proof.  It does however keep the Skin moisturized and soft.  It is a good example of how to make a Simple Salve Sunblock.  
July 31st 2012


Have you ever wondered if there were some herbs that mosquitoes and flies would steer clear of?  Do you want to know what to do with the lemon balm in your garden?  Do you know what jewelweed looks like or how it protects you from poison ivy?  Come find out with a two-hour class to learn more.
Recipe Page for Herb Class July 31

This Video is a section from James Wong's UK Show "Grow your Own Drugs"

oil infusion
A dry, clinical identification of Poison Ivy, sumac and Oak on You tube
With all the ticks around do you want to know what herbs will repel them?  Do you want to know if there are herbs that can help allergies?  Would you rather make a natural herbal disinfectant for your kitchen counters? 
Recipe Page for Herb Class July 17
Basic Salve
Vinegar of the Four Thieves
I write the recipes on the bottles with a sharp pen and record all recipes in a book including my experiments, good or bad and date both the bottle and the written record.  

  I am also an advocate of research.  There is always new studies and discoveries.  Don't take my word for it. Find at least five deferent sources that backs things up. 
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