Food  Recipes.
Please be responsible and remember that allergies can happen at any age and you can be allergic to anything. If a problem occurs stop using the product. We are not responsible for what you do and you need to take care of yourself. 

Also Children and the Elderly are very sensitive and 
cautions should always be used when starting a new product.

Chicken Chat  GF
Savory Pie- A Medieval Meat Pie  Pineapple Red  Lentils GF
Carrot Ginger Soup GF Chicken soup GF

From the Microwave and it's Gluten Free
Microwave Chocolate Cake 
Gluten Free
Baked Apples in the Microwave GF
Nikki's Cookies  
one with bananas one with date paste GF 
Lavender Chocolate Chip
(Gluten free and Non-Gluten Free)
Lemon Balm Thyme Cookies
Date paste
Pudding From Scratch GF
chocolate, Vanilla, and mango
Chocolate Sauce GF
Buckwheat Dill Seed Gluten Free Yeast Bread Pumpkin Tortillas, Gluten Free
Focaccia Hamburger Rolls Gluten Free
Herbal Refrigerator Pickles
Spice Mixes
Taco Seasoning Herbs De Provence
Chocolate Sauce 
This a is a Gluten Free Date or Agave Sweetened Sauce
Mustard BBQ Sauce Gluten Free Nightshade Free
Spreads Syrups
Honey Butter
Ginger Lemon Balm Syrup
Pumpkin Syrup
Elderberry Syrup
Date Paste GF
Ice Tea the Fast Way
Samhain/Halloween Menu
Ruanas Hand painted Glass Jewelry
Hoods Goblets Mugs
Masks Rag Dolls Compasses
Sculpture  Rag Doll Dresses Teespring  T-shirts
Tiles Candle Holders Magnifying Glassses
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