Herbal Refrigerator Pickles
This recipe comes from the Sept 09 issue of The Herbal Companion. I was looking for pickles without sugar or ingredients I couldn't have and I made this recipe with just mint and Rice wine vinegar and I also made the recipe like it was written.  Both were good. 

1 Small Red or White Onion sliced thinly or 1 1/4 Cups Chives, Chopped
2 Cups Cucumber or Zucchini sliced
2 to 4 sprigs of Rosemary
4 to 8 Sage Leaves or Mint
1/3 Cup Cider Vinegar (or vinegar of Choice)
1 Tablespoon Sea Salt (or preferred Salt)
1 Cup Cold Water

1.  In a clean glass jar tightly pack cucumbers, onions and herbs.  
2.  Combine Vinegar and Salt in a sauce pan and bring to a simmer to gently dissolve the salt.  Remove from heat.
3.  Add Water tot he vinegar mix and let cool.
4.  Poor the vinegar/water mixture over the cucumbers, onions and herbs.  Add more cold water if necessary, to cover the contents of the jar.  Leave room at the top of the jar.
4.  Refrigerate for about one Hour or until Chilled.

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